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How Do I Request/Check Out An Item?

Members (ie, all those with valid eIDs):

  • First log in
  • Find the item you wish to check out, and select it from the table
  • If the item is available for check out, it will be indicated on the details page (eg, you should see something like, "This item is available for checkout. Request item now").
  • Click "Request item now" to reserve the item.
  • Click "Reserve/Check Out" to create a new request for the item.
  • Pick up your book/video from the office you requested it (if you don't remember where the item is located, just reference the e-mail that was sent to you when you created the reservation. Alternatively, visit your account page and see your request history to determine the location of your item requests.

Office Admins:

  • First log in
  • Click Requests in the left column, under "Links"
  • Click "Check Out Item"

How Do I Receive Privileges To Be Able To Manage The Media For My Office?

Upon your first log in with our system, you should have automatically been given administrator privileges for the office you work for. To confirm this, visit your account page and see what roles you have been given (ie, next to "Role(s)" you should have the role "Office Admin"). If you are not an office admin, please contact this site's developer.

How Do I Add A New Item To the Repository?

  • First log in
  • From the home page, click "Add New Media"
  • Add your item individually by entering a search query (results come directly from Amazon.com) or by hand. Or, you can add multiple items at once using only the ISBNs of your media items.